Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago

Back in February, a friend from college and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. I haven't been there since freshman year in Fall 2007 and since then a Modern Art wing has been added on. I was in heaven! Here are some favorite cellphone snapshots from that day.

 You all know about my love for Alexander Calder right? I love his mobiles and went crazy over the above piece. Like almost hyperventilating.

 This is one of my favorite David Hockney paintings. It isn't a pool, but I love the color, the rendering of the leaves, the simplicity of the shadows. Hockney is so skilled at creating a realistic but painterly appearance in his work. Ahh! I geek out.

I love looking art and it was such a good trip. I enjoyed catching up with my friend and I feel energized from looking at the amazing art. The lines, the colors, the shapes. I love it!

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