Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Accidents

Remember the post on brushes I made for to vector hair? Well the first 10 attempts to make the brush didn't turn out as expected. BUT the experiments made for some really fantastic looking abstract vector art. Check it out!

At this point, I was getting excited about the brushes that didn't work and the art they could make. So I wanted to go deeper, darker, harder, better, faster, stronger, Pollock-er.

 Except for this flower styled one. How cute is that? It's just dying to be a pinterest knock-off?

This is why I suggest making your own brushes and not buying them. Not only for educational purposes because in the end it really is all about the climb...or the journey...or some other dumb cliche.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tim's Vermeer-A Must Watch

Hello everyone!

I recently went to see this awesome movie about the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. As some of you may know I love Dutch painters and the Dutch Baroque period. Some of my work is heavily influence by Dutch Baroque painter, Rachel Ruysch. Both Ruysch and Vermeer had such a strong grasp of lightness and darkness and how to balance the two.

Anyway, back to this movie, Tim's Vermeer. It's about this genius inventor who is on a journey to figure out how Vermeer painted such bright, luminescent paintings. He has often been referred to as the Painter of Light, long before that other guy whose work you can usually find on your grandma's couch pillows. Often people don't see movies about art because they think they are to long and boring but Tim's Vermeer was made by Pen and Teller. Yeah, the magicians and they are rarely boring.

Here watch the trailer:

Parts I loved:
  • The addition of another favorite painter British born David Hockney. He is known for painting pools, art collectors, and for all around being totally B.A.
  • Penn and Teller!!!
  • The movie is excellently paced. They painting scenes are a little long but it is only to prove that he did actually do the painting.
  • Tim's inventions. I totally want those skates and that jet pack.
So sorry for any spoilers but you should definitely check this movie out because it is really going to ruffle some feathers in the art world but it's entertaining enough to not be just for art people.