Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Vector Illustration Popstars Emote: Pink's Reasons

I started a series of vector illustrations in 2010 in my spare time to get better at illustrating. I chose pop singers because I wanted someone who was easily recognizable. I guess I thought it would help to keep me accountable and not be able to say, "Oh, it's a random model." if it didn't turn well. And you know I am all about trying something new and executing flaws and all. 

The latest one I finished recently is Pink and was my first time working with tattoos and short hair. Since I don't have them posted anywhere else I will post the others in order of completion.

                                            Pink's Reasons                                              

I love to show the paths and this screenshot turned out really well.
Britney's Zone
RiRi's Faith
Gaga's Speech
Taylor's Innocence 

B's Dreams 

 Christina's Fight