Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For this project we were to take two different words and create a design for both of them that would relates to each word. I had a list of 50+ opposites which I narrowed down to 12. I finally picked two names on the list not words. They were Lichtenstein and Ruysch. After learning about Rachel Ruysch in art history I became obsessed with her. That was in like October and, I am still drawing floral still-lifes. They only problem I can't paint. I have had lots of design classes never a paint class. So this project was me doing the best with what I had.

Leaf Project

The assignment was to create a design using leaves. I started by picking leaves with a wide of hues, texture, and shape. I had some leftover illustration board that I didn't want to throw away so I made three small designs. I started by loosely painting the background with punchy colors that would compliment the colors of the leaves. I also exposed parts of the background by removing parts of the leaves. I also added cut paper that mimicked the edges and hue but not necessarily value of the leaves.